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Instead of boring you with pages upon pages of discourse about how the Universal Pad Washer cleans your pads, increases buffing effectiveness, reduces buffing pad inventory, and down right makes buffing easier, we want to show you real-life situations where the Universal Pad Washer is on the jobsite. Please take a minute to watch one of the videos below.

The Universal Pad Washer not only cleans buffing pads, it extends the usable life of your pads. It can save you hundereds of dollars on buffing pads.

Universal means it works with everything: foam pads, wool pads, buffing balls, buffing bonnets, felt discs, felt flap wheels, microfiber applicators, and more! If you can spin it, orbit it, or move it inside the UPW...it will clean it.
As buffing pads load up with buffing compound, a few things happen:
Buffing performance & effectiveness drops as compound plugs the cells of foam pads, and clumps together the fibers of wool pads, rendering both useless in as little as 10 minutes.
As buffing pad performance decreases, the time it takes to achieve good results increases.
If contaminants are encountered during a buffing session, buffing results not only decrease, they can be harmful (think about buffing with a small piece of sand trapped in a buffing pad).

Cutaway View of the Universal Pad Washer
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"Why didn't I get one of these sooner??? This is an absolutely awesome device that is a must have for anyone who uses a machine to polish their vehicles."
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"What can I say, it's an awesome tool. It sure beats the hell out of washing them by hand and at a fraction of the time (at least with me anyways)! You can clean any type/size of pads with just about any type of machine."
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The Universal Pad Washer is ultra portable, with its water tight, leak-proof Gamma Seal® Lid. Great for all of you mobile detailers! Click here for more.
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